Tom Hiddleston Donation Game

Welcome to Tom Hiddleston/UNICEF UK Donation Game

There's still more work to be done!  If you want to help, please click on any of the links below and give generously(Note: These charities/organizations/activities have been mentioned previously by HHH and are not in any way related to Tom Hiddleston; these are suggestions that come from our moderator @terrigirl_md.  Feel free to add to them!)

There are more out there!  For every interest, for every country.  THANK YOU FOR GIVING SO GENEROUSLY!

A pledge to UNICEF UK (@UNICEF UK) for their programs and projects to care for children.  Our goal is to raise $ 5000 for UNICEF by the time Tom's trip ends through the @HiddlestonersHH (Hiddlestoners Have Heart) UNICEF Page.

Pledge some squares, all squares, or just one. Pledge any amount per square. Get creative and think up your own pledge. Tweet about your participation using the Twitter hashtags:

  • #Tom_UnicefUK #DonationGame.
When the game is over, donate in one lump sum or spread your payments out over any number of months.


The site has been up and running for the last week and we have a few updates and tweaks to the site...

  1. First, please remember that what we're asking you to pledge/donate is in US Dollars.  This bears mentioning because some people have keyboard/currency issue.  If you would like to donate in British pounds, YOU'RE VERY WELCOME TO DO SO.  As we've been saying before, any amount, any bit will help and you can give as little or as large as you would like.  If you'd like to know how much your donation is in either currency, you can check on this site.
  2. The Hiddlestoners Have Heart UNICEF site AUTOMATICALLY converts your donation from your currency of choice into GB Pounds.  So remember that $25 actually turns out to be about GBP 15.
  3. As some of the pictures the #Tom_UNICEFuk team might appear in the coming weeks AFTER the trip, we're extending the pledges until 09 February 2013 (Tom's birthday).  SO KEEP THOSE PLEDGES COMING!
Thanks again for playing and bless you all!

- @HiddleMemes and @terrigirl_md

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